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Hello folks, this is donnylaja

It took a while, but I have now uploaded here every story I ever wrote, about one million words, with the exception of "The Sire Project", my only CFNM story, a substantial (about 400 pages) work for which I provide a link for purchase on Amazon (cheap!). I'll post excepts which I will change from time to time.

I'm thrilled that a few people have contacted this site already.

Please send me any thoughts or questions about the (many) stories here, or any fiction you wish to recommend.

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The only time I ever saw Grib really intimidated was the time she taunted Dan Small.  The sympathies were all on Dan’s side, of course.  Everyone likes Dan, a very nice guy, a gentle soul, very quiet,

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The request, made by Friedrich, to have Nudische pose for Monsieur LaValle is taken up by the elders at meeting.  Herr Weber opens up the discussion with a letter from Fr. Pierre.  With a bit of an ef

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19. Dez. 2020

To be clear, "The Sire Project" is not about male subjugation. Kai-Kai is a gentle, sweet young man who sees producing children (and the resulting vaccine) as his responsibility. He could walk away from being the Sire at any time, but chooses not to.

Gefällt mir

Hi. Thank you so much for he links. I just read 'Penny's Anatomy Class'

Excellent! I'm quite sure i've read wren 16 a while back, as i do trawl the web intensely for good stories. As for The Sire Project, i have also read a little of this, though as you rightly say, not really my bag, so to speak, as i have to admit, i've no interest in CFNM, or male subjugation whatsoever, otherwise i would certainly have bought it on Amazon. If any of your other stories become available on there or anywhere, i will most certainly purchase them.

Keep up the magnificent work.



PS. I also love Mr. Flip's stories on the Leviticus site.

Gefällt mir

18. Dez. 2020


The original story has gotten retitled as "Penny's Anatomy Class". I found it, and Cycle of Shame, all jumbled together here with no formatting or line breaks. They used to be on asstr, possibly in "Kristen's Collection" or "Old Joe's Collection" (this was the 1990s usenet/BBS era).;ox=showpart;idp=7565

Another classic is "Brooke's Embarrassing Exam", which I found at

Also I drew on some of the (a bit strong for my taste) smcyber stories about the "New World Order" such as "wren 16" which is here:

(Whoever invented the machine in that story has, in my view, a good patent infringement case against the Chalfont Institute.)

In my Amazon book "The Sire Project", which probably isn't your cup…

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Hi. Well your Tami Beethoven character and stories are thee classics of the genre.

It's brilliant when great writers inspire each other, even using each others characters in their own stories. When that happens, you should know you've got something very right.

There wasn't any need for 'bitch slapping' in The Ross Weekend, as the humiliation was, as you say, so inventive, not to mention, imaginative and exquisite. Humiliation's the main event for me in these stories. After i read The Ross Weekend, i did a search to see if i could find anything else by Jack Straw, but there seems to be nothing else, as far as i can find. You mention an earlier story 'Cycle of Shame' …

Gefällt mir

18. Dez. 2020

Jack told me his "Ross Weekend" was inspired by "Tami the Strong", which was a huge compliment, given the work he put into it (it's pretty long) and the inventive ways he tortured Tami (the freezer scene) and humiliated her (asking her to "fertilize" Ross's flower bed; the lie detector scene). Jack's earlier story "Cycle of Shame" had in turn been an inspiration to me. CoS had in turn been inspired by NightArcher's classic "Female Anatomy Class", which I all but ripped off in "Coming to the End". We inspire each other.

In "The Ross Weekend", as well as in the Tami stories, she ultimately triumphs over her tormenters. To quote Georgene in "Tami Beethoven", "Men stripped her, but sh…

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