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her Cross to bear

Kanto overheard a meeting Fr. Pierre and the deacons had with the naked girl as to her “orgasms”. I put this in quotes to emphasize that the word had to be explained to her; she had never heard it before, nor did she know the nature of this normal human process, which is not surprising, not that Pierre & Co. would be all that knowledgeable themselves. Kanto couldn’t see what they were doing but believes they gave her a medical treatise with a bookmarked chapter on the sexual response cycle. They told her that the orgasms (of which the girl has experienced a great many by now) are not her fault, nor do they have a demonic cause, and that she should pray not for forgiveness but rather for the ability to endure them. Before a sex-themed filming they have given her a new prayer to say: “Please Lord, help me get used to these unholy orgasms.”

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SliceReality has just done a drawing of this scene!

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