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her natural fur (or, happy, then foreboding)

Three hours later, Tami Smithers ran down onto the street and started her freezing run for Pilgrim Hall, clutching in her hand the photo of her and Rod taken at the dance. She figured it would take less than a minute to get to her dorm. With her first bounding jumps she laughed as she heard the loud vaginal farts as air escaped from her well-fucked pussy. God, how I’ve been fucked!

The campus was quiet on this bright, bitter cold morning. The few people walking around, heavily bundled up, turned when they saw Tami Smithers, amazed to see her out when it was so cold. Tami was still so satiated that she didn’t really feel embarrassment at their stares. Mostly she felt the cold. Her feet and most of her body were numb by now but she didn’t mind, she knew she would be warm soon. Luckily there was no wind.

Taking a shortcut running over a small hill where the snow had melted from the sun the day before, Tami looked down at her bare feet treading the sparse grass and for some reason realized that this was the time of year when the deer came out. I’m like a deer, she told herself, an animal gracefully scurrying along in the cold December morning, and people will look at me and think, what a beautiful animal. She decided to stop on top of the hill, legs slightly parted, like a deer pausing to survey its surroundings, the white smoke of her breath exhaling silently from her nose and mouth.

While she stood thus a small group of students turned to look at her as they passed by. They were pretty conservative looking, maybe on their way to church. Their faces were covered with scarves and it was hard to judge their expressions, but they seemed to be looking in the direction of the naked girl’s pussy. Well, fine, Tami told herself. It’s my natural fur.

Tami could withstand this pose for maybe ten seconds before the cold became too much for her and she stumbled quickly down to her dorm.

Fortunately she didn’t have to reach down for her key because someone had propped the front door open with a stone. As she burst inside she collided with a walking bundle of heavy clothing. Only the eyes were visible. After a second she recognized the eyes as Terri’s. Her roommate pulled down the scarf covering her lower face and said, “Well it’s about time you came back. I thought you’d moved in with Rod by now. . . Not that you would know, but am I bundled up enough?”

Tami shook her body in an exaggerated shiver. “It’s REALLY cold out.”

“According to the radio it’s zero degrees right now.”

Tami looked outside in wonder. This is unbelievable.

Terri looked down. “You’d better clean yourself up. I see something dripping down your leg and I bet I know what it is.”

Tami looked down and saw to her horror that a trail of Rod’s semen had leaked from her pussy and was halfway down to her knee. That’s what those churchgoers were looking at! She reflexively wiped it off and then held her hand up, not knowing where to wipe off her hand.

“Don’t even think it!” Terri said with a smile, backing away with her gloved hands upraised. “Bye.” She covered her face again and went out.

Tami decided to wipe the semen off on one of her butt cheeks. She told herself, in a minute I’ll be in the shower anyway.

Being a creature of habit like any wild animal, Tami checked her mailbox before going up to her room, even though realizing that it being Sunday morning it was most likely empty. To her surprise, she found two envelopes. She opened them clumsily with still-numb fingers. One was from a Dr. Brignon of the Art Department. Another was from a Dr. Harridance from the Chalfont Institute, which was some kind of research medical school on the far edge of campus. Each wanted her to see them at their respective offices “at your earliest convenience”. Tami’s mind was too muddled from the sex and the cold to think about these things. She would deal with it on Monday.

When she got to her room Jen was asleep in her top bunk. Tami proudly set the picture of her and Rod up on her desk, next to the lamp, where everyone could see it, and where she would see it upon awakening every morning. To prop it up she had to move some of her textbooks. Finals began in a week and they would be a snap. She had kept up her work all semester, getting A’s in almost all her tests, and in her review for finals she discovered she hadn’t forgotten a thing.

She luxuriated under the hot shower until her skin was flushed and warm and she felt vibrant again. She took out the diaphragm and gave her pussy a good rinsing. As she walked down the hall back to her room, toweling her hair with one of the little cloths she was allowed, she softly sang an old song she heard on the radio once. “You make me feel brand newwww . . .”

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