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I hope your 2021 is happier and healthier than your 2020 was

I've completed the SliceReality page, consisting of Slice's many fine images of Tami's adventures. Go to Stories --> Tami Smithers --> Tami Smithers in Other Media --> Slice Reality's Images. He/she is simply amazing and I'm awestruck at how one creates these things, how he got them so realistic, and long it took to add so much appropriate detail.

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The Dean gave a sideways glance to Ross and then finally said something. “Mr. Noyes, it should be emphasized that our focus is on whether or not Miss Smithers is disruptive to the mission of the coll

Now Novotny himself came back in, with his ski mask on.  “Hello gentlemen,” he said.  “I was expecting you’d come back in moon suits.” Mr. Nedrow, trying to pump as much information out of Novotny as

In a moment Winant was gone and Tami was left to work the treadmills for the benefit of science, and for the viewing pleasure of this leering guy.  To keep the blades moving required constant exertion

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