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These activities had no sexual component so they were easier to watch than the forced-orgasm exhibition the first time they were here. On that date the delegation had already endured watching Tami, suspended and stretched out with ropes, subjected to the matrons’ tongues, front and rear. They were glad to yield their seats to some arriving Americans and sit back here in the stands, where they discussed their options. They were about to leave when the matrons withdrew from Tami’s well-worked vagina and well-worked anus. She was still cruelly stretched out by the ropes, sweating and exhausted, by then having endured perhaps six or seven orgasms, her head hanging down, catching her breath, her concave tummy heaving. They thought the matrons would untie her and let her rest but the show was not over.

The huge painted head of a traditional Chinese dragon was brought in from the rear, carried by two of the security guards. From the front another matron approached with a pail of warm water, out of which she fished a long floppy rubber-like thing that looked like a giant tongue, maybe a foot long, pointed at the end but thick as a cucumber at the base. They attached it in some manner to the inside of the dragon’s mouth. Peggy’s eyes widened when she realized what was about to happen.

Like everything the Chinese did, it was well thought out and effective. And diabolical. The prehensile rubber tongue was lubricated and slid up into Tami’s rectum. Her head jolted upright and her eyes looked up in alarm. As it slid in further she emitted what sounded like choking sounds. Finally the works was set in motion in retro fashion by a large hand crank on the side of the dragon’s head. The long tongue slithered in and out, bending and twisting but always managing to snake all the way in, evidently connected to a cam which changed the angle of attack with each thrust. Tami shivered and shook and the ropes vibrated once again as the tongue must have gone past her rectum and up into her colon. The matron, who like everyone else in the world (it seemed) knew the nuances of Tami’s levels of arousal, cranked more vigorously as orgasm approached. The naked girl’s knees quaked to the extent they could as a strangled cry was ripped from her throat. From reading the Chalfont reports Peggy could deduce that Miss Smithers was now experiencing not only stimulation through her anus and rectum, but through the entrance into her sigmoid colon (what someone referred to as “Tami’s inner butthole”) and up further.

Suddenly Peggy, and the rest of the delegation, noticed that the men watching around the perimeter all looked Asian . . . and were wearing PRC pins! An American woman, stripped and tied up, was being anally invaded by a Chinese dragon and driven to orgasms she did not want. One could hardly imagine a grosser insult. It was well known that the Chinese harbored lingering resentments at being so degraded and humiliated by Western imperialist powers in previous centuries. This was a form of revenge, a conclusion reinforced by the malevolent smiles and laughter of the Chinese men.

“What a -- !” Mr. Donaldson was outraged. He got up as if to leave until he felt Sir Gregory’s hand on his shoulder. Leaving now would look like a form of protest. They had to be as faceless and discreet as possible. They all knew that any American objection would be politicized and fumbled at any rate. That was part of the reason this matter had been handed to the British. The delegation had to just sit and watch, silently cursing their impotence. Was their humiliation greater than Tami’s at the moment? The naked young woman was driven to two more orgasms, so powerful that her shrieks resounded up to the glass windows. Finally the tongue was withdrawn. Sudden and surprising applause, with a hint of viciousness and glee, erupted. The matrons, smiling for a change, took a bow. Up on the balcony the windlasses were unwound, ropes loosened, and Tami’s limp body was untied so that she could collapse onto the bare floor where she quickly fell asleep.

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