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Jenny Hamilton - I

I recommend the “Jenny” stories -- wherein a good-hearted but not very bright blonde girl with “38CC” (?) boobs keeps losing her clothes, despite the help (?) of her friend Ashley. They predate even the internet and are loosely based on the “Carrie” comics from the 1970s - 1980s magazine “British Mayfair”. Two good ones are “Jenny’s Zoo Story” and “Jenny’s Hospital Visit” The cartoonist Biker has contributed also, such as with “Jenny and the Castle”.

“‘Tami Smithers Was Here’” deals with Tami’s journey from California back to her college in Vermont, equipped only with her bare body, her brains and her bravery, thinking the police are after her due to a fax (this was written in 2002) circulated by the devious Henry Ross after she’s escaped (the fax, signed by a fictitious “psychiatrist”, is an alert declaring that there is a crazy nude girl on the loose, that any attempt to give her clothes will result in “danger to herself and others”, and asking that she be reported for mental commitment). Here she meets Jenny, but here it’s Jenny trying to remove an article of clothing to give to Tami and failing.

Now back to work. The naked girl crawled up to behind the building and stuck her head up to see. No, no one in the parking lot. There were two little open windows in the back. Which one was the women’s room? No, those windows were too small to climb into. The pointed roof was inviting. Could she? Yes -- there was a fence in back of the building and she used it to hop on top of the rear part, not minding the scraping of the gritty tar shingles onto her belly and knees. Crouching on the warm roof, she looked down the road, putting her head back down when someone drove past.

Now a little yellow car came up and parked. As Tami watched, her head just barely above the line of sight of the roof, a young blond woman jiggled out of the car. In the back of the car Tami could see suitcases and what looked like several hanging closet bags -- of clothes! The naked girl bit her lip with longing and prayed. Please God . . .

The lady looked about late 20’s, with stylish summer sandals and a kerchief tied lightly over her abundant platinum blond hair. The kerchief had a Union Jack design; maybe she was English. The car had California plates and Tami guessed this lady was moving from one state to another, carrying all her belongings -- and clothes -- with her. Oddly, she had on a dark turtleneck sweater zipped up to her neck over what looked like a summer dress. Her cover-up attire did little to hide the fact that she had a very generous bust. Looking the lady over as she approached the building, the naked teenage girl decided that this lady looked sweet and kind. Surely the type who would help her and give her clothes, of which she seemed to have a great many.

The naked girl waited for the slow creak of the closing door below, then scampered back and hopped onto the fence. She was around to the front in a flash and shot inside. The lady was in a stall. Tami got into a stall further down. No time to wait; she wasn’t going to procrastinate like with those two women at that other rest stop. As soon as the lady was out and began running water in the sink, Tami decided to make her move.

Not that it wasn’t harder than she had thought. Faced with another person, she couldn’t bear to expose her nakedness. At first all she did was open the stall door and stick her head out and say, “Please, Ma’am, can you help me?”

The lady saw her in the mirror and looked back with immediate concern. “Hello?” She did have an English accent after all. “What’s wrong, luv?”

Tami cleared her throat, ashamed that this lady could see her bare feet, feeling her awkwardness because with the stall door open she was pinned against the toilet seat which had who knows what kind of germs on it. “I -- my friends -- my sorority -- they took my clothes and left me here as a joke -- naked.” Now that she finally had the chance to say her well-rehearsed words, they were so difficult coming out. Tami was just not a good liar. “Could you give me something to put on?”

The lady looked down to the floor and whispered, “No, not again. That hospital . . .”

“What?” Tami said.

“Never mind,” she said, then looked at the quivering naked teenager behind the stall door. “You poor thing!” She reached for the ring of the zipper on her black sweater, right up at her neck. “Here, dear, let me give you this.”

Tami watched as the lady fiddled with the zipper. Feeling uncomfortable where she was, she decided to be bold and step out, hands over her breasts and pussy, so that she was standing in front of the lady. She watched as the lady’s large breasts jiggled with her motions.

Finally, a friend! Tami just had to introduce herself. “My name’s Tami,” she said.

The lady paused in her struggle with the zipper and offered a hand to Tami, which she bent forward to clasp so as not to take her arm away from covering her breasts. The lady said, “My name’s Jenny, luv. Jenny Hamilton. You don’t know how much I understand how you feel! Now,” she said, returning to her zipper, “after I give you this there are some things in the auto you can have. You poor thing . . .”

The naked girl watched as Jenny continued to struggle with her zipper. “Luv, I’ve got lots of things you can have,” Jenny said, her breasts jiggling. “I -- uhh! -- had a mishap at my last job in Los Angeles, but I got an offer in Florida and my friend Ashley’s arranged a flat . . . Darn this zipper . . . So it’s my moving day and all my clothes are in the auto. Shoes, pants, socks . . . you name it . . . Just let me get this thing on you . . .”

It was almost unbearable for Tami to wait these last few seconds before she would be finally covered. She just could not stand being all exposed, the bareness of her feet on the clammy floor, her bare butt, her bare shoulders. Jenny represented the world of clothed persons, and in a moment Tami would finally make the transition back, being part of that privileged class that Jenny was a member of. The naked teenager wanted to tell Jenny to hurry, but she didn’t want to be rude, and the English lady certainly seemed to be trying. The naked teenager clutched her hands to her breasts and pussy more tightly, pressed her legs together, put one foot on to cover the toes of the other, waiting, waiting . . .

Tami knew that for the first time she had encountered someone who was nice and not out to get her, who was ready and willing to give her the clothes she so desperately craved. With this lady, at last, she could relax. She unwound a bit from her tightly coiled nakedness. As she relaxed she began to enjoy the ironic humor of the situation. She couldn’t help smiling and said, “You sure seem to have difficulty taking things off.”

Jenny rolled her eyes and then returned to the stuck zipper. “If you only knew . . .”

Why Jenny was wearing a dark coverup sweater on a hot day, over a summer dress and sandals, was a mystery. Maybe to hide her bust? Not very successfully, though this lady did not have huge boobs like Marisol. Speaking just between us girls, Tami said, “You seem like you have a lot to cover with that,” Tami said.

“Unhh!” Jenny tugged with such force that the zipper almost broke. “I’m a 38CC.”

Tami was puzzled. Jenny didn’t seem that fat. And -- “I didn’t know there was such a size.”

“Actually there isn’t,” Jenny said. “What those girls did to you wasn’t right. You should report it to the police. Oh shoot!”

Jenny’s arms flew downward in frustration and both young women looked at her neck, the ring now broken off the zipper, and then at the ring in Jenny’s right hand. She’d never get that sweater off now, short of cutting it open with a scissors!

“I’m sorry, luv,” Jenny said, looking into Tami’s eyes. “I feel for you, really I do!” And then, to Tami’s surprise, Jenny hugged her, crushing Tami’s hands and breasts between them, Tami enjoying the fabric of the sweater and summer dress against bare skin. In her ear Tami heard a whisper: “I feel like you’re my little sister!!”

Jenny disengaged and headed for the door. “Stay here hidden. I’ll get some things for you. What size shoe do you wear?”

“Um, 9,” Tami said, thinking quickly. Actually it was 8, but after months and months of going barefoot she probably needed something bigger.

Opening the door, Jenny said, “I’ve got some sneakers that would be perfect. And sweatpants. And a T-shirt. And socks --” Her voice disappeared with the closing of the door.

The naked girl stood there awkwardly, then finally let the hands fall from her breasts and pussy. She edged back into the stall, then closed it in front of her and closed her eyes in prayer. “Thank you God. Oh, God, at last! In a few seconds I’ll finally have CLOTHES! CLOTHES, CLOTHES, CLOTHES! Oh God thank you SO much!!” She sniffed and fought back tears.

She waited. Maybe one minute went by. The sense of anticipation was intense, she couldn’t wait. She couldn’t resist going to the door and opening a peek --

There was a police car! A highway patrol car, having pulled up next to Jenny, who was standing outside her car, one arm weighed down with clothes, the other hand holding sneakers stuffed with white rolled up socks. Jenny, a look of concern on her face, was speaking to a female officer in the passenger seat. Tami could make out the words and saw Jenny pointing toward the building. “They took all her clothes. I think she might want to bring charges. ‘Tis a terrible thing what happened.”

The female officer got out and followed Jenny toward the rest room.

In stark terror Tami looked around. That little window in the back was too small but it would have to do. She grabbed the sill and propelled her head through, realizing she would be falling head first outside. Fortunately there was that fence to grab onto. She dragged herself through the window, the sill painfully scraping against her breasts and thighs and finally the tops of her feet, then she hopped the fence just as she heard the creak of the door opening. She ran frantically in a diagonal down through the brush which scraped her breasts and tummy and legs. She didn’t care -- she had to get out of sight of the police and FAST!

Officer Biggsette thought of looking through the rear window, but by that time there was nothing to be seen back there and in a moment her stern visage was fixed upon Jenny Hamilton and contemplating criminal mischief charges. Plus, she had noticed that this Hamilton lady’s inspection sticker had expired. . .

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