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Kai-Kai, a different kind of stud

This week’s “The Sire Project” sample (click “Stories” above).

TSP warrants several tags (CFNM, OON, sci-fi, FFFM, college, interracial) but it is most obviously an impregnation story, though I’m not aware of one where so many impregnations are involved. There are a lot of stories of one male impregnating many females but they are usually disappointing. The male tends to be a jerk (if not an actual rapist) and the females submissive. For TSP I drew some inspiration from two stories dealing with males assigned to impregnate, which avoid these stereotypes. Both are set in a future where the population of fertile males has been decimated. In “The Mating Clinic” by Zeta, women pay to be inseminated by the few fertile males remaining. In “Ad Astra per Aspera” by Sakka, set in a multigenerational spaceship, a small cohort of teenagers are recruited to inseminate women after their husbands have been killed by a plague. These are very short stories, not a full-length novel like TSP, but both are well written.

In TSP, the Sire, Kai-Kai (nickname for Khalid), is a gentle college freshman with many stereotypically feminine interests. He likes to sew and cook, and according to vocational testing is best suited to being a “housewife”. Impregnating women is a role that Fate has placed upon him; an autoimmune epidemic is killing millions of people worldwide, and due to a gene that he alone carries, he will produce children whose blood plasma would contain the cure. To manufacture enough units for the entire human race, he has to inseminate thousands of women from every part of the world. The Project flies them in to his home town for their appointments. He treats them with great respect, and is careful to learn their names and how deep he can insert his (inconveniently large) penis without causing them discomfort. He also keeps track of the babies he’s created, from which “seed” droplets of plasma would be drawn on their fifth birthday. This might be a unique premise (I don’t know of a similar story), but an important aspect is Kai-Kai’s character, which I spend a lot of time exploring. In this week’s sample, while Kai-Kai is upstairs in his room doing an insemination, Angela (the point-of-view narrator) discusses his personality with his mother and sister. In the story as a whole he is smart but somewhat naïve, and so unselfish and dedicated to his duties as the Sire that Ellen (the sister) worries about the Project taking advantage of him. In later chapters when he is a bit older I have him get more assertive.

The whole story cries out for artwork, perhaps a graphic novel or a manga, but that’s a discussion for another post.

Let me know what you think. If you haven’t signed up for this site yet, you can comment anonymously on the Comments box above. Thanks for reading!

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