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Marikit, the artist

A nauseatingly cute couple.

The glans, purplish brown, was about the size and shape of a plum. Kai-Kai steadied the thick root of what might be called “the Project’s penis” —in a sense it didn’t really belong to the boy —with both hands as Marikit skillfully stretched on the condom cap. Specially made for Kai-Kai’s dimensions, it fit snugly over the last two and a half inches, the elastic ring clasping the thick shaft just behind the glans so that the cap wouldn’t slip off. The expanded reservoir tip, the size of Marikit’s index finger, matched up evenly with the wide hole of his meatus.

Elaine, in her coat and ready to go, came over to see how the condom cap fitted. She had seen this task many times but this time noticed something different.

“See what I did?” Marikit said proudly. She lifted the glans to point it in Elaine’s direction; Kai-Kai’s glans was so large that it almost filled up the palm of her smallish hand. The condom cap sported a delicately painted flower, centered on the reservoir tip, with the bright yellow petals extending back over the glans, as if grasping it. She then turned the penis toward Angela, who couldn’t help but laugh.

Kai-Kai inquisitively looked down and picked up “the Project’s penis” so that the glans was looking up at him. The penis was so long that it extended up past his navel. He smiled. “That’s very pretty!”

For a moment the four stood there looking at the boy’s glans, admiring Marikit’s handiwork. “Is that a sunflower?” Kai-Kai said. “Yes,” Marikit said. She turned to Angela and said, “Last time I painted a smiling angel. Always something bright and happy.” Angela and Elaine rolled their eyes at each other. This couple was so cute and innocent that it really was nauseating. “Kai-Kai, you’ll be the best dressed guy on campus today! ”

Even Elaine joined in the laughter. A latex cap temporarily covering the end of his penis was the only “clothing” the boy ever wore.

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