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I see she’s been a popular maydl. Revised/corrected/a little expanded version is now posted under “Stories”.

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the power of quiet

The only time I ever saw Grib really intimidated was the time she taunted Dan Small.  The sympathies were all on Dan’s side, of course.  Everyone likes Dan, a very nice guy, a gentle soul, very quiet,

a woman of virtue

The request, made by Friedrich, to have Nudische pose for Monsieur LaValle is taken up by the elders at meeting.  Herr Weber opens up the discussion with a letter from Fr. Pierre.  With a bit of an ef

shop steward

Gamal, sitting at his desk in the back room, is used to Patty’s complaints but this one has him flabbergasted. “You’re saying the club is too cold?  You?  When you came here to apply, the day after yo


i really liked the description of Mitzi in her formal attire with the governor

it shows how, despite the nudity, a lady can look gorgeous.

the jewellery and the accessories you chose for her are very classy in my opinion, they make a good contrast regarding her "dress"

I didn't read all your works, but more characters wearing the minimum required, just like in this case, covering only the most important part of genitals would be very exciting according me, and maybe sometime they "undress" completely

i'm glad that you still introduce new characters and settings but, this is just my opinion, i think that it lacks something.

the characters introduced recently seems looking similar to me, i mean every…

Sep 07, 2022
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For a naked girl who is "made up" for an event, namely Tami Smithers, see Chapters 12 and 13 of "The Adventures of a Naked Girl in Love".

You are correct in that the recent spate of stories (beginning with "N'Stange for Treasurer") don't provide an explanation for why the girl is naked, and the stories don't get into the girl's head, nor anyone else's for that matter. As far as I know it's a unique niche in erotic fiction. ("Guadalupe" is a recent exception.)

With Patty Kowalski, one can deduce that, stuck with having to support her siblings, she at some point realized she could make $$ off her naked body, though just how that happened is left…

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