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their private world

Airmen start their day at 5:00 a.m. and end it at 3:00 p.m. For her last two hours the Maik-ling stationed here is brought to the airfield club where she joins the one who has been driven from the Exhibition Hall. (Incidentally, in the five months the airfield has been operational there have been no complaints received from Hall personnel as to aircraft noise, despite being only three miles away. The airfield is apparently safely here to stay.) The two girls hug and then climb onto the pedestal, where they apply their tongues to each other in the position known as “sixty-nine”. At this time one sees real affection, as they drop their usual emotionless mask. The two naked girls caress, lick, suck and playfully bite each other tenderly, oblivious to the soda-sipping crowd of clothed adults standing around in rapt attention. They are in their own world. To my surprise one girl sometimes gets on all fours and has her buttocks spread by the other who inserts her tongue into her partner’s anus. From what I understand Maik-lings are trained to reach orgasm in several ways, including anally. Though the recipient of the tongue seems to be making eye contact with the officer in front of her as she cries out, it is apparent that her eyes are actually fixed on a faraway place, a place perhaps only Maik-lings know.

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