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unfortunate boy

At the impregs Angela witnessed, she was impressed by Kai-Kai’s gentleness and care not to hurt the woman with his well-meaning but outsized penis. Each had specified her “pitch” —the depth that Kai-Kai was allowed to insert, which almost always was nowhere near his entire 9.1 inches. During the planning stages of the Project, when it became clear that the enormity of the Sire’s penis had to be taken into account, the construction of “spacers” was considered, each of a different size, that could be slipped onto the root of the Sire’s penis so that he physically could not go in too far. For a woman with a 4-inch pitch, for example, Kai-Kai would slide on a 5.1-inch spacer. But such an awkward contrivance turned out to be unnecessary. Kai-Kai had seen his penis stimulated and measured innumerable times in the lab and knew each fractional inch of his length. He could tell exactly how much of his penis was “inside”, not only by sight but by sensation, which was handy when the woman had bushy pubic hair such that he couldn’t see the point of insertion.

But of course, there was no escaping his girth. It was preferable that the woman reach orgasm, because her contractions drew the semen up into the uterus, and most did. But at least in the impregs Angela had seen, it was a perilous ride despite the Sire’s almost timid caution. The women had been encouraged to prepare for the considerable displacement caused by the boy’s penis by keeping a large “retainer” dildo inside them for a couple of hours before the impreg. But still they tended to be apprehensive. The various vocalizations during intercourse —typically “zhhh —zhhh!” or a strangled “eeeee!” —the quick shallow inhales, the fearful gasps —betrayed strange thrills as the women were stretched in places they had not been previously, but also fear that one slight jab the wrong way would cause excruciating pain. Poking an ovary was supposed to be as painful as compressing a testicle (though of course no one really knew). But due to Kai-Kai’s excellent control of his pushing and pulling, that never happened. Sex with Kai-Kai was like nothing the women had experienced before. As one told Angela afterwards, intercourse with her husband was like rapid-fire jabbing with a pickle; sex with this boy was like a huge log being eased in and out.

And then just before ejaculation, when the Sire gave his famous polite, low moan announcing that impregnation was about to happen, and his penis got even larger and much harder —most of the women shut their eyes in what had to be a moment of discomfort. Afterwards they had to catch their breath, lying on their backs after he withdrew, their vaginas still gaping open and excess semen oozing out. Angela had heard (out of earshot of the sensitive boy, of course) that logistically it would have been much easier had the Sire possessed a penis of average size, or even better, smaller than average. But the boy being so hugely endowed allayed the Project’s concern that marriages would be destabilized from a desire to “go back for more”. Having been wedged open once by that phallus, gentle and well-meaning but gigantic, none of these women would desire a repeat.

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