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weekly exam

The naked teenage boy hopped off the table, his bare feet slapping onto the floor, and started for the big treadmill in the corner but Ms. Garcia said, “No stress test today, Kai-Kai. We’re cutting it down to once a month.”

Now the gentle Sire stepped onto the waiting pedestal which brought his genitals to just below their eye level. Shonda appeared with a little cup and a tissue and bent down a bit. With what was perhaps reverence her dark fingers extended around the glans of Kai-Kai’s penis, drawing it forward over the cup. The long, flaccid penis was snaked in three directions, the top hanging down, the mid-shaft angled a little forward, and the lower shaft and glans pointing down. Kai-Kai exhaled and the penis straightened out as he performed on cue. The naked boy on the pedestal, being watched from all sides, quietly urinated just enough to fill the cup half full. Then his well-developed pubococcygeal muscles twitched and the warm yellow stream stopped. Shonda dried the one or two extra drops from the meatus and took the cup away.

As Kai-Kai stood up as if at attention, feet slightly apart, Ms. Garcia carefully lifted up the penis with two hands and drew it straight out from Kai-Kai’s body. Then she clinically and thoroughly felt it up, her fingers pressing and releasing up and down the shaft quickly and skillfully as if playing a musical instrument. She squeezed the glans so that the slit of the meatus opened. She did this with her body held back so that Angela could look in. Sylvia and Shonda, on each side, were carefully palpating the kiwi-sized testicles. Angela had heard that it was the tradition for the longer-serving assistant to examine the Sire’s left testicle, which hung down lower, while the other examined the right. Ms. Garcia explained to Angela, “This is our preliminary palpation to make sure the structures are grossly intact.” An explanation that was of course unnecessary for Angela. “Here, why don’t you try.”

As the others withdrew Angela gulped but then steeled herself. She reached out gingerly as if afraid of getting burned, finally touching the oversized male appendage with the tips of her fingers, then wrapping them around though she could only partially do it. She couldn’t help but think of the contrast with her Michael’s penis the few times she had touched it, how she could easily enclose it in one hand even when it was erect. His penis was cute. She wasn’t sure what to call Kai-Kai’s. It was so different that the same word “penis” could hardly be applied to both of them.

Uneasy as she was, she couldn’t help looking up at the naked boy’s face. He gently smiled as if to reassure her. No doubt he had smiled at other first-timers. With her other hand Angela cradled the testicles in her palm. She could easily enclose Michael’s entire scrotum and testicles in her hand. But Kai-Kai’s were too big to both be supported and the left one dropped off the pinky side.

“The medical books, as you might imagine, consider inspection of the genitals to be a one person job,” Ms. Garcia said. “With Kai-Kai this is true only of the penis, though there is a great deal more penis to inspect. Proceed.”Angela detected a brief hotness from the nude body, and realized the sensitive boy was blushing. Everyone knew he didn’t like it when people mentioned his size. Ms. Garcia was not the most tactful person in the world. Angela wished she could minimize his shame by using just a couple of fingers, but there was no avoiding the fact that she needed both hands to inspect his length, with one holding it up against his belly so that it reached past his navel, the other palpating the sensitive underside. She felt the penis get even thicker and begin to stiffen, and now there came the musky smell. “You notice the pheromone secretion,” Ms. Garcia said. Then with surprising frankness she said, “You might find yourself getting aroused. Don’t be alarmed or embarrassed. It is a natural signal.” Angela blushed deeply.

In fact all four females were a little uneasy and Angela could detect it. Kai-Kai might be quiet and shy, but he was so comfortable in his lifelong nudity that it was the clothed people around him who were the embarrassed ones. You could tell that sometimes on campus, the way people acted around him. Some friends of hers had remarked on it, during a long conversation after supper in the dining hall. It took a while for some people to take his nudity in stride. Kai-Kai was a Library Science major, but his minor was in Dance, and the dance majors seemed comfortable with their naked friend. They thought of him as family, their bright child.

Angela inhaled and got back to being a clinician. “I . . . don’t see any abnormalities,” she said, holding the penis in her widely parted hands and moving it to and fro and up and down so as to display all of it.

“True. Note that the corpus cavernosum is spongy and gets more resilient as blood enters, as it is doing now. Notice the glans also expanding, and the opening of the meatus. Good work, Ms. Chin.”

Angela brought the penis down from the boy’s belly and was embarrassed when the tip almost hit her face. She drew back, realizing she should have known that it would protrude more now that it was a somewhat erect. She studied it again as it bobbed in front of her in the bright overhead light. Yes, the glans was expanding and the meatus, or pee-hole as they often called it, was larger. Kai-Kai’s skin was naturally olive, or maybe it was his permanent overall tan, but the glans began as a russet color and now was turning more purple. Again she thought of the contrast with Michael’s penis, the white head of it hardly bigger than an acorn. This brownish purplish glans of Kai-Kai’s was the size of a plum. She then thought of the contrast with their personalities, where it was Michael who was outsized and Kai-Kai who took up so little space. Much as she loved him, Michael could be pushy and loud sometimes. He liked to show off. Kai-Kai was quiet and shy and modest.

Finally she brought her hands up again to palpate the firm topside of the shaft, starting from the glans and working all the way back to where it met the rather sparse pubic hairs.

Kai-Kai’s breathing deepened a bit, his tummy respiring in and out.

“Now palpate the testicles. You would have to do one at a time, and with Kai-Kai this requires three clinicians,” Ms. Garcia said. She reached over to hold up the penis. It was erect enough by now that it took some force to hyperextend it up against the belly. This time the glans extended up most of the way to Kai-Kai’s nipples. In the process the testicles were pivoted forward so as to give Angela access. If the boy was in discomfort, he gave no sign of it. Though his toes did squirm a little.

Angela cradled the left testicle in one hand while palpating with the other. It was hard to separate from the other one so Sylvia reached over to the right testicle, grasped it in her overfilled fingers, and pulled it away. With the testicles widely stretched apart Angela’s task was easier. “Note the epididymis, the hard structure on the side,” Ms. Garcia said.

The boy gave an ever so slight gasp. “Careful,” Shonda said. “Yes, you must avoid pressure, which is very painful,” Ms. Garcia said. Angela felt ashamed at forgetting this. She looked up at the boy and said, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s — okay,” he said in between breaths.

Angela blinked and resumed her examination of the teenager’s left testicle as Shonda kept grasping the other one. “It’s an ellipsoid, with no irregularities,” Angela said, attempting an air of competence.

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