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yang energy

[camera pans to mid-afternoon sun] [dripping naked girl, shivering violently, makes her way along the rocks to the campfire area, carrying her basket and knife and stumbling at one point] [narrator] After Min-jeong’s fifth dive, her body heat needs to be replenished.

[naked girl standing in front of campfire, arms spread to grab posts to each side, legs spread, feet in buckets, adults and classmates standing around watching] Her body is warmed by the fire, and her feet placed in buckets of warm water. [Koy uses spoon to spread green substance on each nipple] A paste made of wasabi is applied, to bring out her yang energy. Notice that she is starting to sweat despite shivering only moments before.

[close-up of thick rope covered with a glistening substance] [rope is held in front of naked girl by boy who made the ginger root, and behind by a girl the same age; they raise it up to the naked girl’s crotch] Friction from a slickened rope also serves to warm up the body of this dedicated girl. [rope is raised forcefully until girl’s feet almost rise up from the buckets, then is slowly pulled back and forth, rubbing along her anus between her spread apart buttocks and up into the separated lips of her vagina] [closeup of sweating face, eyes closed, mouth gaping open] [rhythmic back and forth of rope as Koy raises his hands in prayer] [voice of Koy] “This girl takes very well to maximization of her yang.” [rear view of naked girl climbing over rocks to the water] [narrator] Five minutes later, all warmed up for dive number six!

[close-up of setting sun] [narrator] Min-jeong comes back from her last dive. [dripping naked girl approaches campfire as people applaud] And what a catch! [Prof. Hin lifts huge object from basket] [narrator] A twenty-centimeter abalone, and thirty-four oysters, each at least ten centimeters. Delicacies which will be greatly recompensed.

[at dusk, naked girl standing up again, arms stretched out to hold the posts] [narrator] One last task. All that yang energy built up over the course of the day has to be released. [closeup of a boy inserting thick, ridged stick into girl’s vagina and moving it in and out, under Koy’s watchful supervision] A carved piece of camellia branch is used. Min-jeong’s friends take turns; today the privilege belongs to Jong-il. [with everyone standing in a circle, the boy pumps the stick faster; now the girl cries out and her body jerks several times] [voiceover from Koy] “Release of yang can be violent but balance has to be restored for her health.” [narrator] Her friends have a friendly competition as to who can release the day’s yang most explosively. [after last jerk, girl’s body relaxes; round of applause, her concave tummy heaving in and out as she catches her breath; tears flow from her eyes] This was a powerful response; see how proud Jong-il is as he takes a bow. Min-jeong smiles gratefully through her tears.

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