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yet another view from the bottom

Wanda continued to evince a clinical and duty-bound interest. “Now,” she said with a tired sigh, “the other indicator region, the ring of brown skin. Tami, could you turn over and spread your butt cheeks?”

Nearing tears, Tami was released by her friends and turned her naked body around on the cold tile. She bent her head down to the floor, spread her knees, and spread her butt. She felt like a naked slut, lying on the floor shoving her pussy and butthole into everyone’s faces. Or like a wild animal with everyone else standing on two feet and clothed.

Very good,” Wanda said, snapping pictures of the clear valley of pretty skin and the ring of brown around the anus. “I see the brown color’s returning, just like Dr. Kurilenko said.”

“Yes,” Jen said, looking closely. Tami could feel Jen’s breath on the sensitive skin back there as Jen, using her own hand, spread Tami’s left butt cheek toward her. “Beautiful!” she repeated.

It was at that point that heavy booted footsteps approached, and then slowed to a bewildered stop. Tami’s eyes, hidden from their sight, widened as she heard Wanda say, “Oh hi Rod!”

Rod Sykes had trudged across campus hoping to see Tami. And he certainly was seeing her now, though not the part that he expected. “Hi, Wanda. . . Hi, Jen.”

“Hi Rod!” Jen said enthusiastically, standing over Tami, as if proud of the view that Tami was giving.

Tami’s hands twitched for a second but she realized she dare not let relax the grip on her spread butt cheeks. Her anus twitched, a sign of her mortification and nervousness.

“We’re just testing Tami’s physiology here,” Wanda said.

Now that Rod knew it was Tami -- and how could he not know it? he couldn’t see her face, but she was the only naked person on campus -- the terrified naked girl cleared her throat. In her prone position, speaking into the floor, she said weakly, “H - hi, Rod.”

“Sorry, this is a bad time,” the male voice said nervously. “Wanda, didn’t you say -- ”

“I said tomorrow night at 9,” Wanda’s voice said.

“I though you said tonight,” Rod’s voice said.

“No -- maybe it was a mistake, I’m sorry,” Wanda’s voice said.

“Well -- “ Rod’s voice sounded uncertain. “I can come by later.”

“No, that’s fine,” Wanda’s voice said, “Tami doesn’t believe in modesty, remember? Is that right Tam?”

Thus prompted, Tami had no choice but to say, “Yes.”

“Well -- good to -- see you,” Rod’s voice said.

Tami felt like crying. Like saying to this cute guy, “I’m so sorry you have to see me like this!” All he could see was her spread anus, winking in the bright overhead light, and the soles of her feet and the squirming toes. She could feel the breath of his words on the sensitive skin of her sphincter. She could even sense the tiny whiffs of cold air that told her that bits of snow were stuck to his boots.

She felt like she was talking out of her butt as she said, “I’m -- looking forward to the Black Formal.”

“Me too, Tami.” His breath caused her anus to twitch again. Then he said something that shocked her with its expansiveness. “I’ll be proud to be seen with you.” He gave emphasis to the word “proud”. Tami’s sphincter reacted to the plosive “p” sound.

“Rod, you are a great guy,” Jen said.

Tami didn’t know what to think. She couldn’t stop it, her shame was making her cry, but then she realized that her tears could be explained by her inverted posture, like at the Armor of Christ reception.

Wanda took another couple of pictures, this time bending down close to get every nuance of Tami’s nether region. “This shows her reaction to the temperature, the hue of that ring of brown skin around her poop-chute,” she explained to Rod, using the grossest possible term, her voice now closer. “Don’t be afraid to look.”

“No -- that’s ok. No -- offense.” Rod’s voice was once more ill at ease. “I know you’re -- comfortable with your body . . . Well -- see you around -- Tami,” Rod said.

“B - bye,” the prone naked girl said, miserably. She had wanted to talk to him. But not like this! Not like this!

It was only after the boots, still stamping bits of snow, receded down the hall and the stairwell door closed that Wanda decided she was done with her photographic survey. She stood up. “Thanks, Tam, I’ll e-mail these to the Professor. . , Bye girls . . . get some sleep. Another week begins in the morning.”

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