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“Why just Mailgirls? Why not have -- guys -- doing it too?”

“According to the research women are better able to stand the cold, and also are more adaptable for TBU.”

“So why do you have to be naked? And what’s TBU?”

Apokni shifts a little in her seat, then to Sam’s surprise her left breast jerks up and then relaxes. She smiles and reports to Frank, “Jill wants me to take over tomorrow morning. Fine with me.”

“That’s good,” Frank says. “It’s about time we got a Mailgirl in that control room on a regular basis.”

Sam says, “What? What’s TBU? And what did you just do?”

Apokni stands up in front of Sam, so that her lush pubic hair is almost in his face. “TBU is Total Body Utilization.” She bends down a bit and holds her breasts out. “I can isolate my pectorals, and I just said ‘yes’, which is one jerk. I’m left-handed so it’s my left breast. Two jerks is, ‘no’. See the ring? It’s a transducer.”

Sam gulps, feeling awkward. In the past Apokni holding her breasts out to him would have been a sign to suck her nipples, but now, in front of people . . . Yet he sees that indeed there is a little ring around her nipple, almost hidden behind the cold-stiffened nub.

She stands back up and Sam says, “But how did you get the message?”

“It was in code. There’s a cap on my cervix that buzzes. Actually, my piriformis muscle. Hard to explain.”

“Mailgirls have developed their own language,” Frank said. “It’s very efficient. It has to be. We have only six here, and they have to deliver hundreds of items a day, files, packages, even simple messages that used to be emailed.”

“We also speak with our clit rings.” Apokni brings her crotch right next to Sam’s face and opens her lower lips -- is there “steam” coming from her hot internal moistness as it’s exposed to the cold? There is another ring there, at the base of her little clit, nestled against her labia. She makes it jump three times and Sam flinches in surprise.

“No -- I didn’t mean that --!” Who is Apokni speaking to? Now her whole body trembles, under internal and mysterious multiple assault. “Oh -- oh --” Sam recognizes this reaction. Apokni is one of those girls who undergoes a full body flush at such times. She staggers back into the chair and her hips jerk up and down. “OHHHH! OHHHH!” It is part orgasm, part laugh. Frank and Marie-Lisa exchange tolerant smiles. Jolt after jolt, then a couple of irregular ones. The naked girl recovers and grabs a sip of tea. “I’ll get them for this,” she says cryptically.

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Hi, Donnylaja. This hasn't been published also, right? I can't remember this excerpt.

Replying to

Oh, OK. I'm gonna take a look at it, thanks.

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